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Your Circle Matters

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Power Up Summit in Gulfport, MS. The theme was Unleash Your Power, and it's funny because sometimes that word power is looked at negatively. However in this sense I took it to mean taking ownership for your happiness, your peace, and your dreams. For too many of us we've become settled into doing what's best for everyone else, while grasping to find our own way. What I loved about attending this summit was seeing that people were genuinely encouraging and praying for the best of every one in attendance.

I came to the Power-Up summit not sure of what to expect, as I was just there to support my sister Shaunda. She keeps saying I have this gift to encourage and motivate people, however personally I’ve been drowning in quicksand my whole life. Meeting Kearn Cherry and the other Power Up Summit attendees was eye-opening. Hearing the encouraging speakers, business leaders and meeting the awesome vendors helped me towards understanding who I and what I'm capable of if I give way to fear. A few ladies circled around me and prayed for God to guide me to my gifts. I left the Power-Up summit being renewed and inspired to create avenues for sharing my talent and stories. I even got a request to speak at the I AM Woman summit. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zone.

The people you surround yourself with can have tremendous impact on your life, therefore be mindful to be in the presence of those who will circle you in love and prayer vice those who will circle you in negativity. Peace and Blessings.




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