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Making Memories

When I started my car this morning, the yellow warning light came on that low tire pressure. Mind you this wasn't my first time seeing that error but something about today just hit different. It was like a stark reminder that you are no longer here, and these are the things I must handle on my own. Anyway, I went to work as usual and after picking up the grandkids from camp, decided to show them how to check the pressure and fill up the tire. Once I showed Kye the compressor and explained all of the parts, he took over and made sure all four tires met the PSI rating. Although you are no longer with us, I'm grateful for our time and the lessons you taught me as now I'm doing my best to pass them down to our grandchildren. We love and miss you terribly but will always carry you in our hearts.

Peace, Love and Blessings. #LivingNotExisting.


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