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Who are you?

I say again who are? I’ve never been sure of who was and truthfully still not sure. I know I’ve worn a mask for most of my life showing people what I wanted them to see and what I needed them to see. So that I could feel comfortable with myself all the time knowing I was scared as hell. The truth is I’m not as strong as everyone assumes I’m just a gentile Pisces who knows how to ebb and flow just like the water. When I need to be gentile and calm it’s like a lazy river and when I need to be strong and protective then I’m a crashing wave. The thing is regardless of what you think I am or what I think I am, I know that I am a child of the most high and there are low and high moments of my life but through it all I’m still standing and growing. What I’ve learned is God is bigger than any circumstance and as long as I lean on him, I will be alright.

The best is yet to come. Keep dreaming, hoping, and planning. -Joel Osteen



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