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Finding Elaine is about a rebirth. It’s about discovering who I truly am, not the me who I think others want me to be or the unsure me who feels alone even in a room full of people. For the longest time I thought titles defined who was and what I meant to people. What I’ve found instead is that these titles have constrained me into these self-defined boxes which in turned altered how I feel and looked at myself.

· Daughter - just be quiet and don’t make waves then maybe there will be no fighting tonight.

· Soldier - it’s the quickest way to escape home and develop some form of independence.

· Mother - unexpected at twenty years old but vowed to always make sure the two of us will always

be good.

· Wife – the first time around I knew at twenty-five that I wasn’t ready but went along because it was

what everyone else wanted.

· Wifey – finally got that agape love where I felt we were one mind, body and soul.

· Widow – A title I wish I never had

You see the thing about titles is that you can lose yourself in them and let them stop you from being all that you were created to be, or you can take them for what they are as experiences that mold and shape us into understanding that despite any trials or tribulations we can grow through them, learning day by day that you are more than a title, you are a conqueror.

I am Elaine and I’m choosing to get out of my own way.

Always, Elaine



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